Senior Underwriter

Job Description

The Senior Underwriter will primarily be responsible for reviewing and making decisions on new merchant account applications within the scope of his/her authority. This will include reviewing the overall merchant application, pulling and reviewing credit reports and other related financial data to determine credit worthiness of the account and using other core validation steps to ensure the business

is legitimate.

  • Responsible for reviewing and underwriting merchant applications

  • Review and analyze complex merchant accounts requiring a high level of financial overview including reading

  • business financials, tax returns and credit reports

  • Interacts with customers/prospects to gather key information for analysis for underwriting including financial and business
    model understanding

  • Assumes responsibility for documenting all policy exceptions

  • Work closely with all organizational teams to ensure Customers’ and Partners’ needs are met

  • Liaise with internal departments to ensure transparent and efficient processes

  • Work with Executive Leaders to identify opportunities for internal and external communication

  • Knowledge of merchant services, credit card processing business and merchant services documentation

  • Identifies, analyzes, and evaluates risks and compensating factors

  • Approves or suspends merchant applications

  • Ensures accounts that are approved are within the terms of the organization’s standards and regulatory underwriting guidelines

  • Understanding of Card Brand rules and regulations

  • Responsibility for accurately evaluating the credit worthiness the customer will meet expected financial obligations

  • Completes all underwriting functions in accordance with various program requirements

  • Understands organization’s policy and identifies exceptions and non-compliance with merchants while performing
    credit underwriting

  • High level of confidentiality required

  • Frequently monitors queue for pending merchant applications

  • On-going education with industry news and updates

  • Helps ensure that underwriting maintains an acceptable if not exceptional service level

  • Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective communication

  • Review and document websites for compliance as part of underwriting process

  • Attends and participates in meetings and committees as required

  • Completes required reports

  • Work and manage in a positive manner across all departments

Job Snapshot

  • Employee Type: Full-Time 

  • Location: Downtown Detroit, MI

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