Account Manager Partnerships

Job Description


The Partner Relations Manager is responsible for building and maintaining partnerships through multiple marketing initiatives including management of external communication, brand development via our referral partner program.  This person will work with the Marketing and Business Development teams to help build and execute the marketing plan to measurably increase awareness of International Bancard and drive revenue through multiple channels with its partners.


  • Handle project management for partnership launch

  • Host training sessions

  • Set up login credentials – for all users

  • KPI tracking

  • Monthly meetings, with key measurables

  • Manage referrals and expectations

  • Overall account management

  • Hold monthly calls with all affiliate partnerships​​



•    Manage the process required to board new Referral Partners, Affiliates, Associations, Relationship, etc. using International                        Bancard’s Passport System.
•    Assist with the planning, development and implementation of a Referral Partner Communication strategy including                                   documented process for onboarding new partners, team alignment strategy plans for large partner onboarding.
•    Manage and maintain all on-boarding documents, time lines, and information required from the onboarding process with the                Referral Partner/Affiliate.

Managing Relationships:

•    Adopt and maintain a consistent and appropriate voice for the right audience (prospects, clients, partners, employees, etc.).
•    Help facilitate customer relations, interactions and referrals to drive quality sales leads to the organization.
•    Ensure that International Bancard’s Referral Partners are serviced with professionalism with regards to queries, new business, etc. 
•    Think ahead. Create an atmosphere of welcome, service responsiveness and professionalism with the Referral Partners.
•    Constantly research, develop and execute networking strategies for International Bancard by identifying and contacting potential          partners and organizations.
•    Maintain strong relationships with Referral Partners.
•    Communication with Referral Partners to ensure an open relation at all times.
•    Constantly be aware of potential new sales opportunities.
•    Assist in determining and delivering the training needs per existing Referral partners and new Referral Partners.
•    Understand and be able to train referral partners on International Bancard’s proprietary systems.
•    Creation, management and maintenance of event calendar(s) for each partner relationship including responsibilities, spend,                    attendance, etc. between Partner/Affiliate and International Bancard.
•    Event coordination and attendance as required.
•    Handle a high volume of work with accuracy and maintains flexibility and efficiency to deal with changing priorities.
•    Interact with associates at all levels of the organization, especially at the senior executive level, in a gracious and supportive                      manner.
•    Maintain and upload electronic files.
•    Prepare and supervise the production of brochures, handouts, direct mail pieces, promotional videos, photographs, press                        releases, multimedia programs, etc.
•    Coordinate testimonials. 
•    Conduct market research when needed.
•    Assist with the identification and categorizing of main referral groups and audiences and determine the best way to communicate          with them.
•    Ongoing communication/contact with Referral Partners to ensure an open relation at all times.
•    Conduct weekly/monthly calls with Referral Partners/Affiliates as appropriate.
•    Collaborate sales and marketing to execute International Bancard’s go to market strategy for our partners and to coordinate the           distribution of all marketing communications.
•    Coordination with all operational departments as needed in support and champion of the Partners.
•    Receiving coaching from Executive Management Team and applying. 
•    Develop, manage and maintain reward and recognition program and cadence for Referral Partners/Affiliates.
•    Develop, manage and report on required partner growth and lead flow metrics on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis to       both executive management and partners. 
•    Create on-going reporting to deliver partner and pipeline updates to executive team.
•    Create, manage and deliver specified reporting/tracking/communications monthly packages for presenting to all Partners as well            as creating custom reports as requested by Partners/Affiliates.
•    Assist with the monitoring, measuring and evaluation of procedures with the view of constant improvement. 
•    Maintains and updates contact information in our proprietary Customer Relationship Management system, Passport, daily, on all          referral partners/affiliates. Everything must be imputed by 11:59 p.m. daily.
•    Discreet handling of confidential information is a must. 
•    Track, monitor and report on Referral Partner Metrics through Passport on a daily basis.
•    Set, track and hold oneself accountable to key performance indicators.
•    Recommend process and system improvements.
•    Employee must comply with all International Bancard Merchant Program Standards, Reporting, Card Issuing Bank Rules and                   Merchant Service Level Agreements.
•    Other duties and projects as assigned


  1.   Proven ability to conceive, build and deliver B2B written communications with strong calls to action that drive business results

  2.   3-5 years in a relationship building, business development, marketing or public relations role

  3.   Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, public relations or communications preferred.

  4.   Previous experience with advanced professional and creative writing skills.

  5.   Must have been in a position that required advanced communications, problem solving, customer service skills with a high                          degree of follow through and organization

Job Snapshot

  • Employee Type: Full-Time 

  • Location: Detroit, MI

  • Job Type:  Recruiting / Sales 

  • Experience: 4 +  yrs in Merchant Services Partner Relations 

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